There are certain things I miss about being in a long-term relationship. This post is a random reflection on  small elements that can mean so much when you’re actually in one (and is in no way an exhaustive list).

1. A hand on your lower back. That touch can carry a variety of different meanings: reassurance;  intimacy; comfort; or simply, “I’m here.”

2. The squeeze. When he/she squeezes you so hard, to show how much he/she loves you, you almost get hurt. Or maybe he/she is really trying to break you in two–something else I’ve experienced and wondered if the guy doing the squeezing had a Thor-like complex.

3. Having someone to call if you forget to take something with you in the shower. “Hey, ___.  Can you bring me the ___? Thank you so much. ” Those “thank yous” are important. Some people take that for granted. This act of kindness, being willing to invade someone’s private time in the bathroom, is important to me, as someone who often forgets products by the sink. I don’t want to leave a huge wet puddle on the bath mat for the next person who needs to scrub up.

4. The reach. Someone reaches for your hand. Maybe your hand gets a squeeze.

5. Spooning.

In summary, I mostly miss certain touches, eh? At least today.